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Cómo Reducir el Pago de su Hipoteca

¿Está buscando una forma de liberar algo de efectivo en su presupuesto? Reducir el pago de su hipoteca es un método excelente para liberar efectivo para otros gastos. Cómo Reducir el Pago de su Hipoteca. Veamos todas las diferentes formas en que podría reducir el pago mensual de su hipoteca. Refinanciar con una tasa de ... More

How to Use Chip-Enabled Credit Cards Safely During Holiday Season

How to Use Chip-Enabled Credit Cards Safely During Holiday Season. This is the first holiday season in which a sizable portion of the American population will use EMV-enabled debit and credit cards. The new generation of cards will almost certainly reduce fraud, but they may cause consumers to purchase more slowly until they ... More

How to Use Credit Cards for Holiday Savings

It's no secret that your bank account gets a bit strained during the holidays. But if you use your credit cards strategically, you can ease some of the financial burden. If you're traveling a lot for the holidays, consider using a travel rewards card. Buy your tickets with the card to rack up miles for future trips and gain ... More

Common Credit Card Mistakes to Avoid

High credit scores are really valuable, so it's important that you realize how to keep your score as high as possible. Don't close old credit cards. Even if they are unused, keeping credit cards open helps your utilization remain low, which is an important part of your credit score. When you're looking for an auto loan or ... More

Why Your Mail is Full of Credit Card Offers

Although it may not appear so as you dump another stack of junk mail into the "to shred" pile, a mailbox swamped with preapproved credit card offers can be a good indication. Consumers with good to exceptional credit receive enticing card offers on a regular basis from credit card providers. When you get these kinds of ... More

Avoid Credit Card Traps During the Holidays

Credit card companies make it easy for consumers to borrow money for the holiday season, but there are a few things you should be on the lookout for. Many store credit cards provide a discount on the purchases you make on the day you open up the card. But interest rates are usually very high on store credit cards. Also, a ... More

How Your Parents Can Help With Your Mortgage

Some lenders are now letting parents help their children qualify for huge mortgages by co-signing. Ray Rodriguez, regional mortgage sales manager for TD Bank in Cherry Hill, N.J., said that his bank allows parents to co-sign because it makes the loan more secure. Another option is to have parents give a gift to use for the ... More

What You Should Know About Real Estate Investments

Your home represents a large portion of your overall wealth. But it might not be your best investment. However, it can still play an important role in your portfolio. Real estate investments have low correlations to other investments, like stocks and bonds. That lack of correlation could signify stability in your portfolio... More

Home Buyers Turn to Independent Mortgage Companies for Loans Over Banks

Home buyers are now tending to choose independent mortgage companies for home loans over banks. According to the Federal Reserve, in 2014, independent mortgage companies were responsible for 47 percent of completed home-purchase loans and 42 percent of refinance loans. Some non-bank lenders include Wells Fargo and Quicken ... More

How to Shop For Your First Home

At some point, many of us grow up and decide we want to buy a house. But not everyone knows the steps they should take for the process to go smoothly. The first thing you should do is take stock of your finances. Buying a house is an investment, and you're going to be writing a few checks. Make sure your credit score is up ... More