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Congress Relaxes Law On Foreign Real Estate Investment

The commercial real estate industry has been looking to Congress to overturn a 1980s law which curbs foreign real estate investors. On Friday, Congress finally listened and the move is expect to bring billions of dollars in foreign investment to the market. The original law, called the Foreign Investment in Real ... More

Why Zero-Interest Credit Cards Could Be Costly

Zero-interest credit cards are attractive, but there are several reasons you should be cautious before signing up. These cards help consumers pay for larger items over an extended period of time. But if the item isn't payed off in full by the end of the promotional period, you will probably be charged interest at a high ... More

Holiday Season Sees Surge in Real Estate Deals

In December, retail stores aren't the only ones with big deals. This year, the real estate market is also seeing a surge in sales. “This has been an active year, and it’s pushing through to the end,” said New York real-estate appraiser Jonathan Miller. There are fewer listings during this time of year, so many ... More

Why Photos Are Important in Real Estate

When buyers are searching for a home, often their first impression is the photos you've put up online. So it's important that the photos you're sharing are making a good impression! For good photos, you'll need a professional to take them, with a high-end camera and professional equipment. Unless you have the equipment ... More

What You Should Know About Applying for a Home Loan

Taking on a home loan is an important life decision. So how can you make sure you get the best deal? Start by making sure your CIBIL score is good. This means ensuring you will make payments on time and clearing credit balances. Also, be sure to resolve any outstanding credit issues. If you remove conflicts from ... More

How the Fed Rate Increase Will Affect Mortgage Borrowers

This week, the Federal Reserve is expected to raise its benchmark rate, but it does not necessarily mean home buyers should panic. The benchmark rate hasn't been increased in a decade, making it difficult to predict how the market will react. “You’ll clearly have some reaction in the market, even though [the rate ... More

Dubai Real Estate Company Takes Partner Donald Trump’s Name Off Building Site

On Thursday, Dec. 10, Donald Trump's Dubai real estate partner, DAMAC Properties, removed Trump's image from a construction site. The property development company previously said it would stand by Trump, despite his comments on banning Muslims from entering the U.S. A billboard at the property previously featured a ... More

Credit Card Debt Continues to Plague Americans

Once again, credit card debt is on the rise for consumers. According to a new study by NerdWallet, the average household holds a balance of $15,355 in debt. Debt levels are down from the 2008 recession, when debt averaged around $17,000, but they are up from March 2014, when levels were around $14,000. Image via ... More

How to Avoid Private Mortgage Insurance

Taking out private mortgage insurance will increase your monthly mortgage payment. So how can you avoid it or get rid of it? One way is to take out a second mortgage. "It's not always a good idea," said Casey Fleming, a mortgage adviser for C2 Financial Corp. and author of "The Loan Guide." "If you use two loans, you ... More

Real Estate Investors Drawn to Big Cities

While New York City has long had a reputation for good real estate investment, several other cities are also now following close behind. London, Singapore and Hong Kong are becoming hot spots for real estate investment. Around the world, there has been an emphasis on luxury real estate, which is seen as a sound ... More