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Credit Card Debt Continues to Plague Americans

Once again, credit card debt is on the rise for consumers. According to a new study by NerdWallet, the average household holds a balance of $15,355 in debt. Debt levels are down from the 2008 recession, when debt averaged around $17,000, but they are up from March 2014, when levels were around $14,000. Image via ... More

How to Avoid Private Mortgage Insurance

Taking out private mortgage insurance will increase your monthly mortgage payment. So how can you avoid it or get rid of it? One way is to take out a second mortgage. "It's not always a good idea," said Casey Fleming, a mortgage adviser for C2 Financial Corp. and author of "The Loan Guide." "If you use two loans, you ... More

How to Ensure Your Credit Report is Clean

Credit reports play a major role in interest rates on car loans, eligibility for credit cards and even job applications, so it's important to keep them clean. If your credit report is a mess, start by reviewing your borrowing history. Get a credit report for free from AnnualCreditReport.com. “You’d be surprised ... More

Capital One Launches New Digital Home Loan Experience

Capital One Home Loans is launching a new digital experience for homeowners and home buyers which will be available in select markets. The process can be done from any device, and users can apply for a mortgage or home equity loan, upload documents and track their progress. Ravi Raghu, Senior Vice President, Capital ... More

Why You Don’t Need a College Degree for a Real Estate Career

Many real estate agents and investors have college degrees, but they are not specifically real estate-focused. The reason being that a college degree is not necessary for a real estate career. For investment, the best teacher is real life. You won't get the same experience learning in a classroom as you would on the ... More

How to Avoid Credit Card Fraud During the Holidays

Credit card fraud is more common than ever, and the holiday season is a particularly vulnerable time. To reduce your chances of becoming a credit fraud victim, you should first choose your credit card company carefully. Look for zero liability protection and sign up for alerts. One of the best ways to avoid fraud is ... More