Afford Your Dream Home By Using Quick Fixes to Trim Your Spending

The road to home ownership can be paved with frustration if you have trouble saving for a down payment or closing costs. For most people, getting a raise or taking on more work is no simple feat, so it’s wise to focus on trimming spending from your existing budget instead. The following tips are quick, easy and may just help you reach your down payment savings goal faster.

Reevaluate Student Loan Payments

If you’re one of the millions of Americans saddled with educational debt, there may be a way to cut your monthly bill – even by 30 percent or more. makes it easy to input your financial information, and you’ll get immediate feedback about available payment plans that may lower your monthly payments considerably.

Ask For Cheaper Cable

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to cut your cable service package to cut your monthly bill. With increased competition from streaming television services, cable companies are motivated to keep customers. Try tweeting at your company to ask for a loyalty discount or promotional deal. Many are willing to work with you.

Plan Meals to Cook at Home

The average American spends more than $1,000 per year on fast food and dining out. Planning meals to cook at home comes in at around half the cost of a restaurant meal, and the food tend to be healthier too! Just be sure to plan meals and buy only ingredients you need. Otherwise, you’ll waste food – and your hard-earned money.

Redeem Credit Card Rewards

Do you have a cash rewards balance languishing in your account simply because you haven’t had the time to login and use it? Find out how to put that cash, account credit or other valuable reward offering back into your pocket each month.

Image via Flickr/401k2012