Home Renovation: When To Hire a Pro

When it comes to home renovation projects, many homeowners like the creative appeal – and cost savings – of DIY versus hiring a professional. However, the experts at NerdWallet say there are some types of projects that simply require time-tested pros who have seen it all.

Projects That Affect Safety

If you’re new to home renovation, it’s best to steer clear of projects that could have long-term effects on the health and safety features of your home. For instance, faulty wiring can cause a devastating house fire, so it’s best to leave electrical work to professionals.

Projects That Require Permits

If you’re diving into a project that requires legal permitting, such as adding square footage or knocking down walls in your home, you may be required by law to hire a licensed contractor. A good general rule is to inquire with city officials before undertaking any structural projects to ensure you’re following the letter of the law and not getting in over your head.

Projects Intended To Boost Value for Sale

If you’re fixing up your home specifically to get it ready for sale, you’ll want to rely on the experts. Projects that aren’t done professionally may actually end up hurting the value of the home, rather than having the intended effect of boosting your potential profit. Investing in a pro from the start is much more likely to pay dividends when you sell.

Do-it-yourself projects can be rewarding learning experiences, but it’s best to leave it to the pros for serious home renovation projects like those above.

Image via Flickr/scottlewis