3 Important Reasons To Just Say ‘Yes’ To A Home Inspection

Buying a home is a costly endeavor, and many a prospective buyer will look for opportunities to save a few dollars throughout the process. Skipping the optional home inspection, however, could have negative consequences that far outweigh several hundred dollars in savings. Although it’s not required by law, here are three reasons to insist on a home inspection before purchasing a new home:

Your Family’s Health

A professional home inspection checks for lead, mold, radon and carbon monoxide, all of which have serious health consequences and must be mitigated before any people or pets should live in the home. This is especially important for families with young children, who are even more prone to chronic illnesses caused by these environmental dangers.

Negotiating Purchase Terms

As a buyer, you want the best deal possible. A home inspection can be a great tool for negotiation. For example, if the inspection uncovers a deteriorating roof that needs replaced within two years, you could potentially use this information to negotiate a lower selling price that takes into account the cost of a new roof.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Want to save some money over the long-term? Some insurance companies offer a break on monthly homeowner’s insurance rates when a home inspection has been completed.

Image via Flickr/markmoz