Winter Months Offer the Best Home Deals

If you’re looking to purchase a home and your timeline is flexible, consider buying during the winter in order to score the best deal. The real estate market tends to slow down considerably from November to March, making it a buyer’s market.

Since it’s inconvenient to move during the winter, especially in snowy climates, sellers are likely selling because they need to offload the home and can’t afford to wait until the market picks up in the Spring. This means buyers who don’t mind less inventory overall and find a home they love during the winter can likely negotiate for a fantastic deal on the property.

Think big: not only can you – or your realtor – negotiate the sale price, but you may also have the opportunity to ask for the seller to cover repairs and maintenance on the home. Did you see a beautiful dining room set when you toured the home? Winter buyers may be able to negotiate furniture into the deal more easily, too. Focus on getting a great deal, but don’t be unreasonable. Give the seller a chance to make you a great deal that works for them, as well.

Moving during the winter means you can also get a truly accurate estimate of the utilities you’ll pay at the most costly time of year. Rather than relying on the owner’s estimates from memory, you can see up front how much your heating and water bills will be.

So if your move timeline is flexible and you’re in the market for a killer deal, consider beginning your home search during the winter. Happy hunting!

Image via Flickr/ronnier