You May Have Fantastic Credit Card Perks You’re Not Aware Of

Most consumers know about the frequent-flyer miles and cash-back programs offered through their credit cards accounts, but there are dozens of lesser known benefits many don’t even realize they can take advantage of. Read your credit card’s fine print to see if you qualify for any of the following perks:

Identity Theft Protection

This type of protection could save you both headaches and money if your finances become compromised due to identity theft. From apps that let you freeze your account upon losing your card, to free assistance cleaning up your credit report after an ID theft, credit card companies are stepping up services that help cardholders protect their identities.

Free Admission to Cultural Activities

If you’re a Bank of America credit card customer, you can gain free admission to nearly 150 museums, cultural centers and zoos across the United States just by showing your card at the door.

Extended Product Warranties

It might be a good idea to put that new lawn mower on your credit card, even if you’re able to pay cash. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover all offer up to one year’s worth of extended warranty protection to select cardholders.

Replacement Cell Phones

Do you pay your cell phone bill with your credit card? If so, you may be eligible for a free or reduced cost replacement if your phone is irreparably damaged or stolen. Typically, you’ll pay a small deductible and your card company will foot the remainder of the bill.

Travel Insurance

If your card offers this handy perk, you could be reimbursed for lost, damaged or stolen luggage while travelling. Some cards even provide assistance with emergency medical expenses incurred during a trip, offering practical help and peace of mind.

Image via Flickr/hamzabutt