Does Checking Your Credit Score Lower It

Does Checking Your Credit Score Lower It?

Does Checking Your Credit Score Lower It? Many people are hesitant to obtain a copy of their credit reports – or to check their credit scores. This is because people fear lowering their credit score unintentionally. The good news is that monitoring your personal credit reports or credit scores has no effect on your credit ratings. In ... More

Use a Credit Card Responsibly To Improve Your Finances

It’s a fact: when credit cards are used irresponsibly, they can lead to financial ruin. That’s why they receive a lot of attention for the negative impact they can have on personal finances. However, not all consumers fall victim to living above their means and entering a cycle of revolving debt that can be difficult to emerge from. For ... More

Millennials Suffer from More Credit Card Debt Than Ever Before

Are you racking up more credit card debt than in past years? If so, you aren’t alone. A new survey conducted by revealed the shocking reality of debt among younger Americans: a stunning 75 percent spend more than they earn each month. For most of these young spenders, the disturbing trend stems not from reckless spending, but from ... More

Unnecessary Credit Card Charges: Learn To Avoid Them

Even the most well-educated consumer can get tripped up by unexpected – and unnecessary – credit card charges and fees. Though credit card companies often fly under the radar with these money-makers, it’s possible for the savvy consumer to avoid them altogether. Read on for several of the most common surreptitious credit card charges.... More

Watch For These Unwanted Surprises On Your Credit Report

If you scan your credit report annually, like financial experts recommend, you’re probably familiar with much of the information listed: name, address, social security number, existing debts and credit applications. If you look closely, however, you may find some surprising information that can have a negative impact on your score. Make ... More

Three Sneaky Secrets of Credit Card Companies

A recent study by NerdWallet revealed that the average American has about $16,000 in credit card debt. Though many try desperately to climb out of the debt hole, a large percentage are continually sucked back in. While some responsibility must be taken for personal spending decisions, credit card company policies are also holding many people ... More

How ‘Trended Data’ Can Affect Your Creditworthiness

In September 2016, Fannie Mae began processing “trended data” in order to gain a deeper understanding of consumer credit history. While this practice has been commonplace among credit card companies for some time, this marked the first time the technique was widely employed in the mortgage industry – and the trend is likely to spread.... More

Credit Card Teaser Offers May Be Too Good To Be True

You’ve seen the advertisements – credit cards with zero percent APR, long payment grace periods, access to amenities like NFL tickets or the latest electronic gadgets. They’re all designed to attract new cardholders, of course, and many of the incentives can be of real benefit to consumers. However, these “teaser” offers are ... More

Negotiate With Your Credit Card Company To Avoid Unwanted Fees

With the tremendous competition for cardholders in today’s credit card market, card companies are going to the mat to acquire new members – and to keep current ones. They often offer a slew of perks, from cash-back to free travel insurance – but many still come with fees that consumers prefer not to pay. One such charge is the annual ... More

You May Have Fantastic Credit Card Perks You’re Not Aware Of

Most consumers know about the frequent-flyer miles and cash-back programs offered through their credit cards accounts, but there are dozens of lesser known benefits many don’t even realize they can take advantage of. Read your credit card’s fine print to see if you qualify for any of the following perks: Identity Theft Protection This ... More