Four Methods To Pay Off Your Mortgage Loan Faster

Paying off your mortgage early means saving thousands of dollars in interest and freeing yourself from the burden of long-term debt. It’s a dream nearly all homeowners say they aspire to, but accomplishing such a lofty goal feels out of reach for many. Try the following four methods to tackle your home loan debt fast. Think “Lucky ... More

Be Prepared for Mortgage Lenders to Ask Intrusive Questions

Meeting with a mortgage lender to apply for a loan can feel an awful lot like a first date – a bit awkward, uncertain and nerve-wracking. This is magnified because mortgage lenders will ask plenty of questions that may seem nosy to you. Rest assured, lenders ask these intrusive queries with good reason. How old are you? This question is ... More

Refinancing Is Not As Complicated As Some Homeowners Believe

Although mortgage rates have begun to rise somewhat in the second half of 2016, they continue to remain near historic lows, making it a great time to consider refinancing your loan. The process may seem daunting, and it does include several steps, but those willing to engage in the process can likely expect a new loan with better terms. This ... More

Prudent Buyers Pay Off Personal Debt Before Taking On a Mortgage Loan

A mortgage is a serious financial commitment regardless of the health of your finances, and failing to pay it can have drastic consequences, including foreclosure and bankruptcy. That’s why prudent buyers take the time to pay off personal debt before applying for a mortgage loan. Not only will this smart move provide more peace of mind when ... More

Low Down Payment Mortgage Options: FHA and Conventional 97 Loans

As rising rental rates force more first-time buyers into the market, lenders are faced with a generation of home buyers who are largely unable to make the optimal 20 percent down payment. As such, more and more consumers are taking advantage of popular low down payment loan options, including FHA loans and the Conventional 97, both of which ... More

The Mortgage Refinancing Process – Soup to Nuts

Mortgage rates continue to hover near historic lows, making it an ideal time to refinance a home loan. The application process includes several steps, but those willing to engage in the process can likely expect a new loan with better terms. This could mean lower monthly payments, a speedier payoff, or both. If you’ve never refinanced, the ... More

Common Mortgage Fears – And Why They Shouldn’t Hold You Back

Mortgage rates are at historic lows, rental spaces are harder to come by and the economy is recovering from the Great Recession. By all accounts, these factors should lead to increased home sales. New research from technology firm Ellie Mae shows, however, that many prospective buyers are afraid to apply for mortgages. Many of the fears ... More

Underwater On Your Mortgage? You Still Have Options

If you owe more on your home than what you could sell it for in present market conditions, you’re underwater on your mortgage. The situation can seem hopeless – pouring money into a property that will not yield a financial benefit, and which could actually damage your finances instead. However, consumers who find themselves in this type ... More

Three Things To Know About Mortgage Prequalification

If you’re looking to purchase a home, chances are you’ve given some thought to how much house you can afford, both in terms of purchase price and monthly mortgage payment. Since prospective buyers often fall into the trap of forgetting to consider extra costs – like property taxes and homeowners insurance – it can be worthwhile to ... More

Are Reverse Mortgages Too Good To Be True?

Reverse mortgages can be an excellent tool for freeing up cash resources in a time of need. However, they aren’t an appropriate financial tool for everyone and, like any type of loan, they come with some inherent risks. With so much information available in the lending sphere, many homeowners gravitate to the easily-demonstrated benefits of ... More