San Francisco Is Most Expensive City In U.S. For Home Buyers

According to a report released by HSH, San Francisco is the most expensive city in the United States for home buyers. San Francisco homes have a median home price of $679,000 with median monthly payments of $3,199.69. The report calculates that a person would need to make at least $137,129.55 per year to live in San Francisco. Second on ... More

Fed Does Not Need To Shrink Balance Sheet

Chairman Ben Bernanke says that the Federal Reserve does not need to reduce its $4 trillion balance sheet. Bernanke says that the Fed has worked to be able to "raise rates at the appropriate time." Trillions of dollars were spent under Bernanke in an effort to boost the United States economy. Continue to original source Image via ... More

Hilary Clinton Advocates Upward Mobility

Hilary Clinton gave a speech to the New America Foundation recently, touting economic growth. The potential 2016 Democratic candidate referenced her husband, Bill Clinton's time in office to demonstrate job creation and growth. Clinton also complimented Barack Obama's "work and strong leadership" in turning the economy around. Image by ... More

Higher Minimum Wages Not Hurting Job Growth

According to data released by Paychex and IHS, there is no clear evidence to prove that a raised minimum wage kills jobs. In fact, the opposite trend is occurring. San Francisco, which has one of the highest minimum wages in the United States at $10.74 an hour, has faster job growth than any other major U.S. city. Washington is another ... More

Inflation Pressure Increasing

According to the United States Labor Department, producer price index rose 0.6% . This is the largest increase in nearly two years. The increase in PPI is an indicator of pressure on price, meaning inflation may occur if the trend continues. Image by Anderskev via Wikimedia Commons. Continue to original source More

Household Debt Continues Increase

According to a survey done by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, American household debt has increased for the third straight quarter. The report on household debt and credit revealed that mortgages have dropped to the lowest level since last year. Image by Beyond My Ken via Wikimedia Commons. Continue to original source More

U.S. On Track To Decrease Deficit

The United States Treasury Department released a report stating that the country posted a $107 billion budget surplus in the month of April. This year, the government has a deficit of $306 billion, but reports state that the government is on track to narrow that deficit. Budget surpluses are common in April, as households must meet their ... More