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Don’t Give In To Impulse

A study by revealed that savings do not fluctuate with income. People typically spend what they make. This is due to impulse purchases. Typical impulse purchases include lottery tickets, clothing, apps, larger food sizes, and games of chance. These purchases are usually not needed and they are instantly regretted. Cutting ... More

How To Get The Best Home Loan Rates

Borrower advice website has released a guide on getting a down payment on a home. Potential home owners are given advice on the requirements necessary for getting a down payments and factors that can affect rates. Image by Cameronnovak via Wikimedia Commons. Continue to original source More

Credit Moves That Could Effect Your Mortgage

When getting a mortgage, credit can be a major concern, and there are a few key factors that could make or break your mortgage. While in approval stages, there are red flags that could have an impact on your mortgage. For instance, if your mortgage is in its final stages, it is not a good idea to apply for other credit, dispute a credit... More

Watch Out For Unlicensed Insurance Sales People

Aviva Canada is warning potential insurance customers about possible frauds. Scammers in Canada are acting as insurance sales people and taking money without giving people coverage. Customers should be aware of who they are buying insurance from, and must make sure that he or she has a license. Image by Aviva West via Wikimedia Commons... More

Low Credit Score May Cause Car Insurance To Rise

Drivers may be paying higher auto insurance premiums based on their credit scores. A study by finds that there is a 65% difference in insurance costs between those with high credit scores and those with low credit scores. State law in California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts outlaws insurance providers from using credit score ... More